Easy Peasy Baby Blanket

Yikes!  My first real pattern that I came up with myself.  It’s a simple pattern that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the skill level of the knitter.  I am aiming this pattern towards a beginner knitter who has a friend or family member who just had a baby and they want to give a simple gift.  I call this pattern the Easy Peasy Baby Blanket.  I made this blanket for my cousin who just had a baby.  Here’s how I did it.
US 6 straight or circular needles.  I recommend circular because the weight of the blanket will be supported by the cable connecting the needles.
Two skeins of Bernat Baby Jacquards in Rosebud
5 stitches in stockinette stitch to one inch on US6 needles.  Gauge is not really important for this pattern.
My finished dimensions:  Width:  25 ½ inches.  Length:  25 inches.

Cast on stitches in multiples of eight.  You can make this blanket as big or a small as you’d like.
Knit 10 rows.
Starting on wrong side:
    1.  K4, *P* to last four stitches, K4
    2.  K
Repeat rows one and two.  Continue until the blanket is the size you want or until you are almost out of yarn.
Knit 10 rows
Bind off loosely.  Weave in ends.
This will curl a little bit due to the stockinette stitch, but the border will help keep it from curling a lot.  You can make the top and bottom border bigger if you’d like, just increase the amount knit in multiples of four.
Other ideas for this blanket:  A more advanced knitter would be able to do an intarsia pattern in the body of the blanket using any sport or DK weight yarn.  You do not have to use a jacquard yarn, but rather a solid color if you’d prefer. 
I hope you enjoy knitting this blanket and if you have any questions, please leave me a comment.
Oh, the monkey in the photo is one of the first stuffed animals I ever received as a baby.  He’s a special monkey.

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