Wednesday Evening: Beading Time!

I have decided that every Wednesday evening I shall take time to do work on some beading.  I did last night and realized that I was WAY out of practice.  I also need to take a few more chances and grow as a beader, too.  Still, I made two simple pieces.  The first is what I call the Dungeons & Dragons necklace, as it uses acrylic dice beads and a pewter dragon pendant.  As a note, I am a BIG D&D nerd.  I saw the beads on Fire Mountain Gem’s site and had to get them.  They are cute!  And nerdy!  And I have more of them left, so I can use them in another project.

The second piece I made was a pair of earrings using glass beads.  Eh, they turned out ok.  I need to get better at making loops again.  I need to restart somewhere, I guess.  They aren’t that bad, I suppose. I’ll wear them to work one of these days.

Point being, I want to get back into beading like I was a few years ago.  I have plenty of supplies, so there is no excuse in that area.  I also have a friend who does beautiful wire beading work, and her enthusiasm has encouraged me to get back into beads.  In fact, we are going to make it a point to work on our beading projects every Wednesday night we can together, too.  A friend’s support can be a great boon!

In other news, I am amidst the great deluge of rain in Pennsylvania right now.  It’s times like this I am glad I  do not have a basement and that I live on a hill.  It’s a good day to do some chores and to craft, since all the roads are flooded and work was closed today on account of that. 

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