Long Lean Sweater: Week One

I’m working on my first sweater, and think it would be a fun to share my progress here on the blog.  I’m currently in the first week of knitting, and have made good progress since my first class at Kitnit Fine Yarns, my LYS, on Saturday. 
The pattern is what we are calling the Long Lean Sweater from the Noro Catwalk 2 book by Jenny Watson Designs.  I’m knitting it in Noro Kureyon.  I love the character and colorways in Noro.  As l leaf though this particular book, I am interested in knitting more out of it.
Of course, the first thing you do is knit a gauge swatch, but we are also using our swatches as pocket linings.  No frogging the swatch!  I made two liners for the two pockets.
The target of the week is to finish the right front of the sweater.  So far, I have the all the ribbing done at the bottom and am starting on the regular stockinette stitch for the rest.
I’m proud of myself on this particular part as I navigated a confusing line of the pattern that was riddled with parentheses and brackets.  And I managed to come out correctly in the row of knitting on the first try.  YES!
Here, you can see my progress so far, with the two pocket liners and the ribbing.  I hope to accomplish more, and next week, I will update on my progress on this particular UFO.  (For non-knitters, that’s UnFinished Object.)

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