The Mother Lode

I am so glad that I went to my local Goodwill on Saturday.  Not only did I get a cute jean skirt and sweater, but a mother lode of yarn, and I’m not talking leftover acrylic skeins.  I’m talking good stuff.  Wool, cotton, and known names, too.  Some of it I cannot identify, but I cleaned out the bin and left the Red Heart-ish stuff there.  No offense to Red Heart, but I have enough of it already.  You can’t have enough of good quality yarn. 

Scary thing, I even found matching dye lots and colors, and yarn you can’t get any more.  I figure I got about $45-$50 worth of yarn for around $20.00.  I walked out of there happy as a clam.  I’m so glad I went.
I have found that Goodwill and other secondhand stores, and yard sales, are excellent places to get knitting supplies.  Needles, notions, and yarn are all available as a good deal.  Snatch stuff up when you can.  I have people who bring me in yarn from yard sales, too.  My boss brought me in some hot pink yarn, along with some pretty purples, the other week that she got from a garage sale. I was happy to take it.
So I ask you, readers, have you ever found something special at a yard sale or secondhand store?  Yarn and crafting related stories are a plus, but if you found a designer purse or something like that, please do share!
Not sure what this is, but it resembles some wool kettle dyed wool from Uruguay I have.
Jaeger Michelle Mohair Yarn

Unidentified Pink Stuff, but it appears to be fingering weight and lovely.
Katia Twist in Dusk
Sirdar Rio Cotton Rich DK

Wool yarn in a huge hank.

6 thoughts on “The Mother Lode

  1. I love looking for non-acrylic yarns (or sweaters to upcycle) to practice dyeing and spinning with. There is much potential with goodwill yarn. Although you have gotten WAY luckier than I ever have. Good job!


  2. Thanks! I wasn't expecting such a haul. I guess I just was in the right place at the right time. I will have to keep upcycling in mind as there were a few items on the racks that would have been good for that.


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