Long Lean Sweater: Week 2

Here’s my progress on Week 2 of the Long Lean Sweater!  I’m very happy with how far I’ve gotten on this sweater.  Yeah, I’ve had to rip out on section on the left side TWICE, but I managed to do it without freaking out.  Whew!
During the second week, I’m working on the right side.  I all I have to do is the raglan and neck shaping, and I hope to have that done tonight or tomorrow.  Plans may change, frogging may occur, who knows, but that’s my goal.  I have two weeks until my next class, but I’m going to keep on chugging away. 
One thing that did throw my off last night was the obscure abbreviation of p2togtbl.  Eh?  I did figure it out to be “purl two stitches together through the back loop.”  Ah, ok.  After a few tries, I think I got it.  It has to be the most awkward decrease, but it does the trick.  I understand it is mostly used in lace knitting and is even rare to come across then.  If you are curious as to how to do it, I recommend checking this out.
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