Hockey and Knitting

I may be a nerd, but absolutely love ice hockey.  My favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers, and I watch whatever game they are playing in that I can on TV.  Hockey is the only sport that I will pay money to go see, too. 
I also love to knit while I watch hockey.  In fact, I get a ton of knitting done while I’m watching it.  Last night during the pre-season game versus the NJ Devils, I put a lot of length on that sweater.  That’s about two and half hours worth of knitting time that I reserve.  It’s my favorite cold weather past time….knitting while watching the Flyers. 
I’ve only knit one Flyers-related item, and that this flat hat that I’m sporting here with a cheesy grin.  I made this during the playoffs last year. 
Here’s to the regular NHL season starting next week, and here’s to plenty of knitting.  I can’t wait!

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