Long Lean Sweater Weeks 5 & 6

I am in the home stretch!  All I have to do is finish the border, sew the side seams, do the pocket borders and sew them together, and block.  This is exciting!
Since I didn’t update last week on my progress, I finished both sleeves and the back.  The back took FOREVER to finish.  The sleeves were a fairly quick process.  I was able to put most of the parts together at class on Saturday and start picking up stitches for the border. 
I am chomping at the bit to be finished with this project.  I even have my outfit planned out to wear with the sweater.  That is silly, but that is how much I want to show off this piece. 
I know this picture show the sweater in a big bunched up ball, but with the hojillion (which is 398 or so) stitches on one needle, this is how it has to be for a photo this week.   I would love to show the pieces that I have sewn together better and how the look on me, though.

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