I’m Dreaming of a White…Halloween?

Snow.  In October.  I can’t believe it, but there is a ton of the white crap outside.  And I was spending the day in NYC when all this was going on!  It was quite sloppy in the city.  I was happy to come home to nice, dry shoes and socks. 
I did get some pretty photos of the snow with the fall colors here, straight from my backyard.  Back to crafting stuff tomorrow, promise. 
Oh, and Happy Halloween, all!  I’m ready for trick-or-treaters tonight with my bucket of candy that I need to stop picking from.  I’d love to know what you are doing for Halloween tonight.  Dressing up?  Having a party?  Spending the night crafting? 

2 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White…Halloween?

  1. I really miss snow and the changing leaves. I don't get them where I currently live.

    We took the little one trick-or-treating: this is the first year that he got excited about getting dressed up and going out for candy! He dressed up as a robber/vampire (he couldn't decide so he combined them). After I wash the fake blood off of him I'm going to get back to work on my Pi Are Square shawl.


  2. I like the changing leaves, snow drives me crazy. It's pretty and nice ONLY if I don't have to go out in it. 🙂

    Sounds like a good night! I like the idea of a robber/vampire. I'll bet he had fun! I didn't have too may kids come to the door, but there were some great costumes. My favorite was the FBI agent, complete with mirrored sunglasses. I did worked on some fingerless mitts and wrote up some thank you notes in between handing out candy.


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