Beading Night is Back!

Beading Night is back on track!  My friend Deb came over and we played with beads for while her kids were at Awana.  It was fun, and it we are going to be getting together every Wednesday while the kids are there. 
Deb’s Batik Work
We started off by comparing beading stashes and projects that we both were working on.  Deb has some beautiful art clay pendants that she hand-painted.  Teeny tiny works of art.  Oh, and there is the batik/beading work she’s doing right now, too, which I took a photo of to show it off. 
My starfish necklace
As for myself, I had the gaudy starfish pendant, so I did some beading work with it.  It’s sort of tacky, but it’s still sort of cute, too.  I’m not big into yellow, but I’ll give it to someone who is. 
OH!  As a side note, I’m a published writer outside of what I have self-published.  Go on over to Squidoo’s online magazineGoodVeg and check out the article “Five Reasons Fennel is Fabulous.”  I wrote that!  And took the picture!  Exciting stuff!

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