Beading Night: Crystals and Glue Guns

Up until last Saturday, I didn’t own a glue gun. (The horrors! A crafter without a glue gun?! For shame….) Now I do, because I needed it to do my fun little project for this week’s Beading Night.
I didn’t bead this week, but Deb did some of beautiful wire wrapping work. She picked the prettiest crystals for her latest creation. It’s just lovely. You can see a picture, as well as it with some of the other beads that will be going into necklace it is for.
Me, I discovered this fun hair accessory kit at A.C. Moore, and the reason I bought the glue gun. I decided to do that instead. I completely messed up the directions, but ended up with some neat results. I suppose I should pay more attention, but sometimes it’s nice to throw caution to the wind and do your own thing. You can see me and Deb modeling my creations.

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