Finished Socks and Other Stuff

I finished my Doctor Who socks with the Felici Time Traveler yarn from Knit Picks.  They are comfy and have delegated to bedtime socks as they just tube socks.  I love the self-striping and the colors.  I do miss the green that was originally in Tom Baker’s scarf, but I appreciate Knit Picks’ thoughtfulness as a way to have a product that appeals to us sci-fi nerds and Whovians.
Other news!   A friend of mine, Kristin, as a new blog called “What Would Carolyn Ingalls Do?” and it focuses on frugality and a DIY lifestyle, with a splash of family friendliness and warmth.  Kristin teaches, crochets, and plays a mean clarinet.  Go check her blog out! 
More news!  I was published again in Squidoo’s online vegetarian magazine GoodVeg as a fill in writer for the Veg O’ the Week column.  I wrote about avocados.  I know a lot about avocados now.  Head on over to the article to learn what I learned about this yummy vegetarian delight.

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