Give a Four-Year-Old a Camera…..

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A friend of our office brought her four-year-old daughter in today.  Being a big kid myself, I occupied her while the child’s mother was in meetings.  It was fun!  And I’m tired.  I don’t know how mothers do it everyday.  
Otherwise, one of the things we did was take photos.  I gave the little girl my camera, why, I don’t know, and this is what she got.  Not bad for a little one!

2 thoughts on “Give a Four-Year-Old a Camera…..

  1. It's amazing what kids can come up with. Most of them know how to handle a digital camera as they love the instant gratification of seeing the picture right after they take it. Children also have a different point-of-view and see things differently. This makes them natural artists and photographers. I once gave a little cousin a kid's digital camera for her birthday, and she loved it. I also had disposable cameras on the tables at my wedding, and the little ones took the best photos. Let me know what your son comes up with!


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