Christmas is in the Bag

Even though the holidays aren’t quite over, I’m still glad my knitting frenzy has died down and I can once again knit at a leisurely pace.  I honestly don’t know what to do with myself or what to knit since Christmas has come and gone. 
Ah, yeah, I do.  I’m going to start another sweater!  I’ll be starting it soon, just after I’m done knitting myself a new hat and scarf. 
I even have a few ideas as to creating patterns, but more on that another time.
Here are a few knit gift bags that I whipped up for holidays using stash yarn, just to show some of my prolific knitting over the past month.  I used the Knitting GM’s Dice Pouchpattern found on Ravelry.  These bags are nice, quick little knits that use up odds and ends.  Good for stash depletion! 

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