When did I become a lace knitter?

So, I’ve noticed something lately when knitting.  I knit A LOT of simple lace.  The funny thing is that lace knitting sort of scares me with its intricate decreases, yarnovers, and charts.  Still, simple lace has become a way of knitting for me.  Is this a leap into complex lace?  Time will tell, I suppose. 
As an example of said lace knitting, here is a swatch of a fan and scallop cloth I did in cotton yarn.  Looks sort of pretty, I think.

2 thoughts on “When did I become a lace knitter?

  1. Love your lace, very pretty. I have some simple lace on a cardigan I want to start, soon.
    And have done a few lace shawls, which I love doing. Shawls can be addictive!


  2. I think you're baby-stepping your way to complex lace charts! It's a slippery slope, my friend. 😀 Obviously, you're already good at it, so why not take the plunge? …no peer pressure, or anything.


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