Snowflake Gala Wrap Up

So, the Snowflake Gala was yesterday.  After one month of intense preparation and hard work, I sold….one hat.  And bartered with a jewelry vendor for another hat.  Needless to say, I am disappointed and a bit soured on the idea of doing something like this again.

On a positive note, I spent some awesome time with Deb and met a lot of nice people, most of whom said I have lovely things.m  I made two new friends, Patsy and Sandy, who were both other vendors at the show.  I even got to encourage a beginner knitter in her endeavors in learning more. 

Sitting here and writing this is like opening up sore wound.  I am down and out.  All that hard work feels so wasted and I’m left with a lot of unsold knitted items, a lot of things I purchased in preparation for the event, and a whole lot of glumness. 

I’m not sure if I would participate as a vendor in the Snowflake Gala again.  I will exhibit work there, but I won’t sell anything like this.  People simply aren’t there at the event to purchase work.  They are there for the performances, and the vendors are just as a diversion on the breaks. 

I might consider doing a regular craft show, but my enthusiasm about the idea is definitely dulled.  Profits from the one hat I did sell?  That went toward a delicious Chinese dinner with Deb after the event.  At least I got fed.

I’m going to post one photo from the event, and that is a closeup of one of my displays so I can show what I did have to offer.  I’m just that soured on the whole event to show more.

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