Yard Sale Yarn

I love yard sale yarn.  People bring it to me all the time.  My boss gave me a bunch she found at a yard sale.  My friend Bruce gave me a ton of it for my birthday. My coworker brought some that didn’t sell at her yard sale.  I gladly take it off their hands. 

The quality?  Mostly acrylic.  Red Heart type stuff, but it’s great for charity knitting and when I want something that is going to take a beating. I have made pretty neat stuff from the yarn people have given me.

So, to all who have given me that yarn, I say thank you.  Please, if you come across more, you know someone who will take it!

3 thoughts on “Yard Sale Yarn

  1. I think it is really refreshing that you don't mind receiving acrylic yarns and are able to find uses for them. I know quite a few knitters who would just turn up their noses.


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