St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

Yes, that is a TARDIS t-shirt.
Yes, yes, I haven’t posted much here lately, but I’d been getting ready for a trip to Boston over St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Hence the silence.  This entry has NOTHING to do with crafting, but I still want to tell you all about my fun weekend.
This is our annual trip to meet up with some of our World of Warcraft guildies.  We belong to the Browncoats, a great guild full of great people, and it’s so much fun get together with them.
Sam, the DH, and I took the train to Boston.  That’s how we got there last year, and it’s a relatively stress-free way of getting there.  Anyway, we arrived, our friends Len and Carol picked us up, and off we went!
Friday night was filled with seafood and karaoke.  I actually got up and sang!  I performed “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers.  Most of us did a song, and we all did very well. 
Free is always good.
Saturday, we had breakfast at McFadden’s Bar in Boston.  We got free t-shirts!  After that, we saw the line at The Black Rose.  Wow.  TONS of people.  It is the place to be in Boston in St. Paddy’s Day, though. 
The insanity outside The Black Rose
Let me digress for a moment.  Boston is INSANE during St. Patrick’s Day.  Nuts.  Bonkers.  Green.  Lots of green!  And there’s a lot going on, too.  The bars are packed, there are street performers, and there was even Irish dancing in the streets in front of Fanuiel Hall.
Ok, back on track.  Next, we hit the New England Aquarium.  I think I like aquariums better than zoos for some reason.  So cool!
Yeah, we’re chillin’.

Now, I must say that two of our guildies were not able to join us until later on Saturday.  Poor Kris ate some bad seafood and got quite sick.  Jason, another guildie and her boyfriend, stayed with her and took good care of her.  They did meet up with us later, but we missed them during the rest of the day!

That evening, we had the customary game of Apples to Apples, which I won the first hand.  And then was so exhausted that I had to go to bed.  Might as well quit while I’m ahead!
Sunday, we had a great breakfast at Johnny’s Luncheonette and said our good-byes.  Back to the train.  Time to come home.  Once a year isn’t enough to see this group of friends. 
Carol, Sam, Me, Andy Front:  Chris and Len

This is just what happened in a nutshell.  Enjoy my whirlwind post and the pictures. See more here if you are interested. 

Kris and Jason

For the Horde!   For the BROWNCOATS!

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