Knitting Fear 1: The Shinty Vest

Berroco’s Shinty Vest.  It had haunted me for close to a year now, but I conquered that project and am wearing it today.  Here’s what happened and why this is a knitting fear.
Closeup of the vest. 
Last year, almost exactly one year, I started a class for this pattern.  It was the first garment that I tackled.  The classes were fine, but this vest brought me so much frustration. Why? I hadn’t learned to properly read a pattern yet. 
Still, I muddled through it and managed to finish the body.  Then came the worst knitting fear of them all: picking up stitches for the band.  I was so flummoxed and frustrated.  I stuffed the project in its bag and left it sit, always in the back of my mind of as an example of what I felt was incompetence.
A few days ago, I picked this vest back up, almost a year after I stopped.  I started to pick up stitches with a lot more ease.  And reading and comprehending the pattern was a LOT easier.  See what difference a year makes?
The lesson?  Don’t give up, even if it means putting something down for a long period of time.  As you gain more experience as a knitter, things that at one time seemed daunting are now doable.  Two fears were conquered with this one:  picking up stitches and reading a pattern that I once thought to difficult.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Fear 1: The Shinty Vest

  1. My last project involved picking up stitches too, and honestly it was scary because the last time I tried to, it ended in failure. I am so glad you you conquered your fears, I agree that sometimes walking away for awhile is the best thing you can do.


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