Knitting Lessons

Deb arrived last night with a pair of US 8 needles and a bright multicolored skein of yarn.  I was going to teach her how to knit. 
Deb’s grandmother had taught her how to cast on and knit Continental style, rather than the English style that I use.  As with learning any new craft, it’s best to do what comfortable for you, so she’s going to be Continental knitter, and that might encourage me to learn that style, too.
She’s pretty good!  I gave her a ball of Lily’s Sugar and Cream and started her off on a garter stitch washcloth.  Basically, I’m going to be showing her how to read a pattern, decreases and increases, and how to fix stuff. 
I’m very happy to have a new knitting buddy!  Deb and I have been friends since high school, and I’m glad that she’s joining me in knitting.  We knit for a while, and then she left to pick up the kids, with needles, yarn, new project, and one of my books in hand. 
I told her to look at how to purl with Continental knitting, and then we’ll start a flat hat.  It’s getting a little too warm for hats and scarves right now, but they are still good to practice with and can be stored for when the cold weather comes again. 
As for myself, I might give Continental knitting a try.  Deb says it’ faster, as others who use the style say.  What do you think?  English or Continental?

3 thoughts on “Knitting Lessons

  1. I'm a continental knitter myself. And, I think it is faster. I have seen videos of women knitting English style who are speed demons, though. So, I think there's room for debate.


  2. I was a crocheter first and continental is easier for those who crochet but when I taught myself to knit I used the English way. I saw a coworker doing continental and spent a summer teaching myself. So glad I did because it has given me more speed and I need all the help I can get.


  3. I'm not really sure what kind of knitter I am, I do some funky stuff with my needles and yarn! But isn't it nice to have a knitting friend? I recently got together with an old friend who just picked up knitting and we had a blast!


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