Stumped, to an extent.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter!  I did.  I got to see how my baby cousin has grown, and spend time with my relatives.  During my day off on Good Friday, I even managed to get some good finds at GoodWill.  It does pay to check in there from time to time!
I had this problem last year, and I have it again.  When the weather gets warm, what do I knit?!  I don’t want to start a sweater.  Chunky hats and scarves are out of the picture for a few months.  What’s next?  I started a fingering lace scarf in KnitPicks Chroma.  Very nice yarn.  Here’s my progress.  I’ll post the completed project here when it’s done.

What do you knit when the weather turns warmer?  I’d love to know, because I’m probably going to hit a wall again. 

4 thoughts on “Stumped, to an extent.

  1. That is absolutely beautiful! I love that yarn and the scarf is so pretty! To answer your question, it's almost always warm weather here, so I know what you mean about not wanting to knit sweaters when it's warm. I've been working on several blankets and have done a couple of wraps/shawls that are light enough for a cool night but not too heavy for mild weather.


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