Parachute Cord Crafting

I had gone into a local crafting store from some beading supplies, and found a panel display for parachute cord crafting, and thought, why not?  Sam had been talking about it and to find it readily available at my local A. C. Moore was just a plus.  I bought a kit that included some project directions, some extra cord, and was on my merry way.
It’s fun to use!  Not only is it utilitarian (you can use it for a lot of practical things), you make some pretty cool stuff from it.  Beyond bracelets, you can make key chains, lanyards, dog collars and leashes, and use it for shoelaces. 
The only pain about the stuff is that you have to melt the ends after you cut it, so that means playing with fire.  Kids, get an adult to fusing and melting steps. 
It comes in a lot of colors, besides the military grays, blacks, and greens.  Lots of fluorescent colors, I noticed, which seem to be in right now. 
What I have done here as an example are two bracelets, both done in what is called the cobra stitch.  The first is a two toned cobra stitch bracelet with a plastic clasp.  The yellow one is a single cobra stitch with a Celtic knot and loop closure.  Beside the bracelets is an example of the parachute cord.
For more information about parachute cord crafting, check out the Pepperell Braiding Company’s web site.  Looking around, you can also buy this stuff in bulk and there are a ton of other patterns out there.  I will be doing that myself.
Otherwise, here are a few other places to get you started:

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