Cutting into my Knitting

I did something bad.  I cut into my knitted work and it wasn’t for steeks. 
And I don’t regret it at all.  I got the final product I wanted out it, so I wasn’t all that naughty.  Most knitters, myself included, cringe at the thought of taking scissors to an FO.  In this case, I wanted a particular result and I didn’t get it the first way, so I grabbed my scissors and took the plunge.
Mi’raj Shrug sans band.

I completed my Mi’raj Shrug last Monday in the car on the way to the beach with my husband.  It was also our seventh wedding anniversary, but I just felt like putting that it because, why not?  Anyway, there is an optional band you can knit for this shrug, and I took the option to do so.  Now, I had tried on the shrug WITHOUT the band and it looked lovely, so I though the band would be a nice finishing touch.  Either I didn’t do something right, but it didn’t.

When I had finished completed the band from the picked up stitches in the inside circumference, I tried it on.  The band made the shrug too narrow for me to wear.  I did manage to get it on, but The Hubs had to help.  And I couldn’t take it off the shrug by myself, either.  If can’t take on and off a casual piece of clothing without assistance, there is something wrong. 
Rather than stuff the shrug in a trashcan at a rest stop, I decided to go back to what I had originally had:  a nice, comfortable shrug.  I grabbed my travel craft scissor and cut.  It was a terrifying experience. 
I managed to cut that band off.  I couldn’t unravel it because I had bound off and woven in my ends.  I would’ve had to have cut anyway.  I cut that bad boy off right down to the original edge where I had picked up my stitches for the band.  
Bingo!  I chopped that band off!  I had my shrug back and did it in the most unthinkable way possible!
I do not wish to do something like that again.  I should’ve listened to that little voice in the back of my head saying, “Leave it as is!” before I started that band. 
Would I recommend this pattern?  Yes!  It’s cute and fun to knit. Would I recommend knitting the band?  No.
This was a strangely exhilarating experience, and not one I care to repeat. 

3 thoughts on “Cutting into my Knitting

  1. What I did was cut down to the point where I picked up stitches to the main part of the shrug. I cut around just above that. After I got all the way around, I just lifted out the picked up stitches, leaving the shrug in tact. I was taking a risk here, and got lucky.


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