Stupid Sock Creatures

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were at our local Barnes and Noble rummaging through the clearance books.  One book caught my eye.  It was Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.  I was intrigued.
I bought the book.  At a couple of bucks, why not?  Besides being an utterly hilarious book, Murphy provides concise and clean directions on how to create your own stupid sock creature.  Now, I’m not the best at following sewing directions, but I managed to eke out my own sock creature.  See him here?  His lips and legs are screwy, and not quite in line with Murphy’s creatures, but he’s not bad for a first attempt. 
Besides a being a sock creature creator, Murphy also sculpts, writes and is a great cartoonist.  In the back of the book is a comic featuring some of his creatures in a hilarious adventure.  My favorite is Jordan.  My creature is based off of Jordan’s pattern.
Stupid Creatures is Murphy’s web site, and has a new sock creature book coming out in October.  I will be buying it.  He also has a few other books available for sale, as well.  Look at the t-shirts, too.
Oh, and I haven’t figured out a name for my sock guy yet.  Any suggestions? 

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