Snow Shoe, PA

I had an awesome weekend.  Sam and I took a trek up to Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, where my father-in-law is a member of a hunting lodge.  He and my mother-in-law had been there all week, and invited us up for the weekend.  I’m so glad we went.

Friday we left for our destination in rain.  It was yucky, and a three hour drive.  Still, we got there, tired, but happy to have arrived.

 Saturday couldn’t have been more gorgeous.  It was a beautiful, misty morning.  I took out my cameras and captured the fog.  I love mist in the trees.

 We had a huge breakfast, courtesy of my MIL, and set out on a hike to the scenic Black Moshannon Creek.  The hike was lovely, and the creek itself was gorgeous. 

On our return trip up through the field on the property where the hunting lodge is, I saw this beautiful scene.  I didn’t do much to retouch this photo.  The sky was that blue and the clouds that white.  It was a near perfect day.

 Another sight in the field were the insects.  There were tons of grasshopper, and they would scatter by the hundreds as you would walk through the trail.  There were lots of flowers and butterflies, such as the lovely one sitting atop a Queen Anne’s Lace.

Evening brought a gorgeous sunset and Sam and I took a hike up to the top of the field to catch a glimpse of the sunset after another excellent meal by my MIL (We ate very well that weekend.).  Here, Sam caught a me in the golden light of the evening sun.  Oh, and a pattern is forth coming for the hat that finished up there.  I was going to donate it to the local cancer center, but liked it too much.  I slapped it on my head and wore it all weekend.  I figured, hey, I could use a new hat every now and then.  This one has become a favorite.

Ah, the sunset!  It was another breathtaking scene. Central/Northern PA is an amazing place to be.

Later that evening, my FIL built us a campfire and we sat outside for a few hours, watching the stars pop out one by one.  There are so many stars in the sky that we can’t see when in normal civilization.  We could see the Milky Way.  I need to set up my camera there for a long exposure of the night sky next time we go.

Despite being exhausted from the day before, I couldn’t sleep well, and was outside to see the sunrise with my FIL.  He likes to sit on the porch and look for critters.  One day he saw a mother black bear with three cubs.  Another day, he saw a momma turkey with eight poults.  We saw a bunny, and heard animals in the woods, but just saw that bunny that had been hanging around the cabin all day.  I did manage to capture a bit of the sunrise.

After breakfast, the four of us went to get the newspaper.  The mailbox was about a mile and half away, so it was a lovely hike full of green forest and tons of small animals.  Here’s a view looking up the road back to the cabin.

Lots of small critters!  Sam pointed out this bright orange newt sitting on a leaf.  The day before, he took the same hike with his dad, and saw a lot of these little guys.  I guess they like the moisture from the day before.

After a hearty lunch of leftovers, we had to pack up and leave this wooded paradise.  It was fantastic to unplug for the weekend.  No TV and I only checked my e-mail twice on my phone.  I got a bit of knitting done there, and in the car rides there and back.  We all had a wonderful time and plan on making this an annual trip.  Expect that pattern after I have the test hat knit from the directions I jotted down.

Want to see more of my pictures from the trip?.  Head on over to Jenn Dixon Photography and take a look.  I hope you do, because I got some of the best photos that I have gotten in a long time.  I also took the film SLR camera that my FIL gave me that was once his.  I just dropped the roll off to be developed and should have it Thursday, so expect more photos here, too!

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