Works in Progress Backlog

I have so many works in progress (WIP’s), that it’s starting to gnaw at me.  So, no more new projects until I have all the current stuff on my needles done.

And just what have I left behind?  Here’s list.

1.  Lacey simple poncho.  This is the most current piece I started, and I’m going to try to finish it first.  A pictures of what it sort of looks like all bunched up on my circular needle is what it looks like.

2.  Stripey Vest.  I started this one before the poncho about three weeks ago.  I was going to work on it over the weekend, but I had an awful migraine, and working on black and white stripes while your head is pounding is not something I want to look at.

3.  Lacey Wristers.  I was rightly tempted by the British magazine Simply Knitting with it’s pretty purple skein of free yarn.  I saw this pattern in the magazine, and had to knit it.  This was in November 2012.  I am only part way through one mitt.  Considering I had to special order the needles for this project, I’d better finish it.

4.  The sweater I was going to make myself for Christmas. HA!  It’s not quite finished.  I had to stop working on it when I had my shoulder sprain back in January.  I haven’t picked it back up since.  I got distracted by other things.  Even though it will be too warm to wear soon, I’m going to finish that darn thing.

5.  Wingspan Scarf.  Poor project.  This was started in the summer.  I had just learned this pattern and churned out quite a few, until this current scarf, I just lost all interest in the scarf.  Now, I want to get it done. 

Well, that’s about it.  I guess five isn’t a bad number of WIP’s, but I want to do an early spring cleaning of my projects.  Next up, projects I need to work on before I knit for myself.

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