The two big ones? DONE.

I have finished my two garments that were previously in WIP status!

First, my red sweater is done!  And it is way to big for me.  Boo!  I did a swatch and everything!  I guess I didn’t calculate something correctly.  It seems whenever I do a Lion Brand Yarn pattern, it turns out too big, even though I do a swatch, and pick my correct size.  Lesson?  Be more careful with their patterns.  Anyone else run into this?

Second, my Yipes!  Stripes! Vest is done now, too.  It’s not that bad!  I added some “mistakes” for interest on it.  I did this one for Kollabora’s Friday Challenge that they had a while back and only now finished it.

What’s left?  Just my lacy little purple wristers.  Therefore, I’m removing the moratorium on myself from starting other projects due to the fact that I can only do lacy things when I have time to concentrate or am not dead tired.  Still, they are a priority. 

I did it!

2 thoughts on “The two big ones? DONE.

  1. I haven't knit much from Lion Brand patterns (and when I did, I sometimes found them confusing) but I have learned to estimate the size of the garment before starting.

    Take the proposed gauge times the number of stitches you're casting on to see how many inches the finished garment is meant to be. Sometimes the sizing can be pretty crazy.

    Example: 5 stitches to the inch, cast on 200 stitches, your garment will be 40 inches.

    Also, garter stitch is going to s.t.r.e.t.c.h. so I would think smaller would be better than larger here, at least for me.


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