Knitting Blankets

It’s weird.  Right now, I’m into knitting blankets.  Not just square blankets, but ones shaped like kites or like a rhombus.  I knit one for Allie, and I just completed one for myself last night. 

Found in the Knitting for Dummies book, this pattern is excellent TV knitting.  It has a garter stitch border with a stockinette stitch insert.  You just have to pay attention really on the purl side, but you can get into a rhythm and just keep on going. 

I bought a lot of mill end yarn a while back, and now I realize that I needed to do something with it.  Blankets! 

The one below is one such blanket I have knit out of mill end yarn.  I thought it turned out nicely.

I always find myself knitting for cooler weather during the summer.  It’s an odd dichotomy.  At least I’ll have some nice lap blankets for the fall and winter when the colder weather returns.

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