Stash Flash: North Ronaldsday Wool

My dear friend Joan was in Scotland visiting friends this year, and went to the Orkney Islands, which are right at the northern most tip of Scotland. Scotland is well-known for its wool and sheep.  The one of the Orkneys that Joan visited, had it’s own sort of wool.  North Ronaldsday Wool.  She brought back […]

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Tatting: Working Chains

Every now and again I start tatting.  I work on it, learn a new technique or two, then give up.  Right now, I’m on a tatting binge, and am working on chains. I tatted the little piece above using this chain tutorial.  I had to figure out the alligator join aspect of creating this little […]

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Purple Socks: Casting on

I cast on my socks last night!  Yay!  I had forgotten how much it takes to knit with tiny yarn on tiny needles.  I’m telling myself that I should enjoy the process of knitting socks, but still look forward to the outcome, which isn’t probably going to be for about a month or so. If […]

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The Sock Itch

Socks are of those those knit items that I get the itch to knit every now and again.  And I have to scratch that itch by knitting a pair.  I have that itch now, and I’m getting ready to cast on a pair. First, I need yarn,  I chose this yarn from KnitPicks.  I generally […]

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Kickoff Party

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project has its kickoff party on Sunday, September 7, 2015 at The Arch in Lancaster, PA.  We had a nice time!  It turned in a good time of conversation, knitting and crocheting, and noshing. I took two paper ream boxes full of scarves and and a few hats along to drop […]

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The Two-ish Year Gap

You may notice a gap of about two years in blog posts.  Here’s why. I started off with Ludicraft back in 2011(?) I believe, and the switched from Blogger to IndieMade’s platform in 2013.  I was recently on IndieMade until August 2015.  I then jumped over here to WordPress.  I like it here. While I […]

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