First Scarf Bombing of the Season!

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project had its first scarf bombings of the season, not only in Lancaster, PA, but also in Columbia, PA.  It was great!  Angelia Reed broadcasted both bombings over Periscope (with a little help from me), and if you are interested in seeing exactly what goes on during a scarf bombing, watch both the Lancaster and Columbia broadcasts below on Katch.

Lancaster Scarf Bombing Broadcast

Columbia Scarf Bombing Broadcast

We didn’t much of a response from people passing by in Lancaster this time, but at the Columbia Presbyterian Church, Pastor Dave came out and spoke to us.  He was quite pleased and excited we were there.  You can hear a little bit about what he has to say about the project and the church’s outreach.

Overall, I think there are some people in both places that were warmer either last night, or today.  Here’s to the next “bombing!”

Ah, and as a reminder, here are the important links:

The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project on Facebook

Donate on GoFundMe!

3 thoughts on “First Scarf Bombing of the Season!

  1. You were a HUGE help!

    I’m so excited about the project this season. Wrap Up Lancaster is growing. It’s such a blessing to be able to scarf bomb both cities – and we were so welcomed by people in Columbia!


  2. You were a HUGE help!!

    This season of the Wrap Up, Lancaster! project is so exciting! We’ve received donations of yarn, as well as hats & scarves. We are planning on doing a scarf-bombing each month, with April being the last.

    It’s such a blessing to have enough items to scarf-bomb both Lancaster & Columbia. We were welcomed so warmly in Columbia! I’m looking forward to a wonderful Wrap Up year. 😊

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