Bottling Brew-Haha

It came time on Saturday to bottle the hard cider, and Sunday was the bottling day for the beer.  Here’s how it went.  If you want to read up on brewing adventure, start here.



Hard Cider

It was  was tough siphoning the cider into the pot for carbonation, and then into the bottles.  I was not prepared, and lost a bottle of my product on the floor due to the fact I couldn’t stop the flow of cider.  At least it was only one bottle.  Not bad for a first attempt.  I had a mess to clean up, but at least I knew what I was going to do for Sunday’s beer bottling fun, and I had a plan.





Bottling the beer was much easier, since I decided to have a better and cleaner setup, and enlisted my husband as an extra set of hands to help.  Boom!  Carbonation and siphoning went much better this time, and I got almost all the beer into the bottles. and very little made it onto the floor.  Easy cleanup.  Yay!  The beers went back into the closet to carbonate for two more weeks.

So, my advice when it comes to siphoning your brews?  Have a plan, practice, and get some help.  It will go much better.



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