Bottom’s Up!

Well, the brewing saga of my beer and hard cider have come to a completion, as the finished products are the fridge.  I have tasted them both, too. (Read up previous entries here and here.) Here’s what I think.

Hard Cider

It’s dry.  Really dry.  I like it!  It has a good cider taste and isn’t sweet.  The cider has a good fizz and pop to it when you take off the cap.  Yum!

Chestnut Brown Ale

This turned out really well, too, for a first try!  It’s a tad watered down, and I think I over-carbonated it, which means I should have let it sit a little longer or reduced the sugar content at bottling.  Now I know for next time.


I made alcoholic beverages!  I enjoyed them both!  I learned a lot!  And it was delicious!


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