Crafty Christmas Gifts

I hope that you had a great Christmas!  I did.

I want to talk about crafty Christmas presents, not ones that I received, but rather ones I gave to people, (and forgot to take photos of.)

The first was that I actually crocheted a blanket for my niece, Allie.  Her mother was thrilled to pieces.  Allie was otherwise occupied with other toys and wasn’t interested in a blanket.  She’s two, so I can understand that!  I rolled up an adorable outfit and cute pj’s in the blanket and tied a pretty green ribbon around it.  I was quite proud of it!

My hope for the blanket is that one day Allie will be old enough that when she uses the blanket, she will think of her Aunt Jenn.

The other handmade gift I gave out was a chunky infinity cowl I knit for my mother, who was quite delighted with it.  She wore it right after she opened it.  That always makes me happy when people do that with something I made.

I also made a few other gifts, but those people haven’t received them yet, so I can’t tell you about them at this time.

I hope that everyone YOU crafted for appreciated your hard work and thoughtfulness.  I’m glad my family does.


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