Mystery Solved!

Ha!  I knocked out my own Miss Marple scarf over the weekend!  I’m glad I have it because it’s freaking cold today, and it wears great under my coat.

I do have some notes about the project.  I also have them noted on the piece’s Ravelry project page.

This particular pattern has METRIC measurements.  If you are in one of the places in the world that uses the English system of measurements, such as me, you may have to do some math and look a little closer at your needles to choose the correct ones for the proper gauge. (I’m glad most needles have metric measurements on them!)  I had to estimate for the one size needed.  It still turned out just fine.

I also didn’t quite understand some of the measurement instructions, too.  I just interpreted them my own way, and, again, all is well.

This was an excellent use for a skein of Bernat Super Value Stripes, though I suspect most worsted weight yarns would do.

Don’t shy away from this pattern.  It’s a good one and you should get great results.  Happy knitting!



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