Book Giveway Winner!

And the winner is….Nora!

Thank you for your comment and story!  Please enjoy the book!

Here’s what Nora had to say about her worst crafting fail:

I was young and naive and I just thought oh, this candle flame scarf would be great with this brightly red, orange, yellow scarf. It does remind me of fire, so perfect fit. But nope. It was too busy for such a simple pattern. I tried, I thought oh I can see the work, I just need to hang in there for another inch or so. Just a little more. I’m sure it’ll work. But after a foot, I was able to admit, no, it will not. I need to scrap it and find another pattern, and then settle for a much boring chevron pattern. It still look very nice, but taught me a lot about colors and patterns since I was still starting out.

Nora, we’ve all been there when it comes growing pains when knitting.  🙂

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