Second Raglan WIP

I am just having fun with raglan sweaters lately.  I started a second one that I’m knitting on my breaks at work, and it’s going to be short-sleeved. First, I must apologize for not posting at all last week.  I got sick, and have been dealing with a pretty scary health issue on top of […]

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Five Things Friday

I thought doing a “Five Things Friday” would be fun.  Some are knitting/crafting related, and some aren’t.  Still, they are fun and should, and that’s what Friday’s all about, right?  Happy Birthday to my husband, Sam!!!  He’s celebrating his special day today, and I love him very much. Yes, I knit him that hat he […]

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Swatch Confusion

Ugh.  I hate it when I can’t get a correct swatch for the gauge of a pattern.  I know I usually have to go down at least two sizes from what’s suggested.  Here’s my tale of woe. I wanted to knit a raglan sweater.  I found a pattern on Ravelry that seemed nice, and I […]

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Getting Back into Chemo Caps

I know I’ve been working hard on scarves and hats for The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project, and I still am!  I just delivered a bunch of stuff to one of the drop off points for this month’s scarf bombing.  And, no worries, I’m still going to continue to knit for WUL! The first charity I […]

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Knitting and Math

Math and I do not get along, but it is a necessary evil when it comes to knitting. I stumbled across this great post on the Craftsy blog about how to use a few simple calculations to design your own hat. I was intrigued. This is something that I may have to try, since I […]

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Jenn, the Knitting Teacher

I taught someone how to knit yesterday, so I guess I am now a knitting teacher.  Yay! My friend, Jenny, wanted to learn, we we sat down yesterday on a comfy couch and I taught her how to knit.  But she threw a wrench in the works, as she was more comfortable knitting with her […]

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Off Topic: MUSE in Philly

I recently saw one of my favorite bands on Sunday.  MUSE was in Philadelphia, PA at the Wells Fargo Center on January 31, 2016 in support of their new album Drones. What an awesome show! X Ambassadors opened for them, they were pretty good!  It’s not often I like the opening band, but they surprised […]

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