Jenn, the Knitting Teacher

I taught someone how to knit yesterday, so I guess I am now a knitting teacher.  Yay!

My friend, Jenny, wanted to learn, we we sat down yesterday on a comfy couch and I taught her how to knit.  But she threw a wrench in the works, as she was more comfortable knitting with her left hand rather than her right.

Uh oh.  I’m an English-style knitter, meaning I “throw’ my yarn with my right hand.  Jenny needed to be taught Continental knitting with her left hand, therefore “picking” the yarn.


No problem!  I actually use Continental knitting when I do Fair Isle work, so at least the knit stitch wasn’t that foreign to me, but I had to review how to do the Continental purl stitch.  Luckily, I had brought a book over for Jenny to borrow that is specifically for visual learners.  I looked up what I needed, taught myself, and then taught her.  Whew!

Jenny successfully cast on stitches, knit and purled stitches, learned how to “tink” (or un-knit), and how to bind off stitch.  When she was done, she had this long strip of knitting, complete with unwoven in ends, when she then gave to her cat, Steve.  Steve loved his new knit cat worm toy so much he apparently took it to bed with him.

steve and knit worm

Now, I should note that the swatch at the top isn’t Jenny’s; it’s mine.  I decided to practice Continental knitting a little more, and that’s why the stitches are loose.  After yesterday’s lesson, I thought I’d give Continental more of try and see how I like it.  It’s feels good to explore a different way of knitting.

So, that’s how I become a knitting teacher yesterday.  I think I did ok!


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