Knitting and Math

Math and I do not get along, but it is a necessary evil when it comes to knitting.

I stumbled across this great post on the Craftsy blog about how to use a few simple calculations to design your own hat. I was intrigued.

This is something that I may have to try, since I do enjoy putting my own spin on my knitting.  I’m always wondering how to incorporate designs into simple patterns, and the Craftsy blog is very informative on how to do it.

In fact, they link this handy dandy chart in their post, too.

I have attempted to design a hat before, as shown above, and it turned out ok.  (You can get the pattern here, if you’d like. It’s free.)  I couldn’t figure out how to do the pattern while decreasing.  Perhaps this chart will teach me how.

I will have some time this weekend, so I may bite the bullet, do some math, and design a hat.

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