Getting Back into Chemo Caps

I know I’ve been working hard on scarves and hats for The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project, and I still am!  I just delivered a bunch of stuff to one of the drop off points for this month’s scarf bombing.  And, no worries, I’m still going to continue to knit for WUL!

The first charity I ever knit for was chemo caps for my local cancer center.  I’ve had so many relatives have cancer.  My father passed away from lung cancer in 2005, and he was treated at this cancer center.  I wanted to give something back.

My recent want to knit chemo caps has hit even more personal for me.  My doctor suspects I have a basal cell carcinoma on my right shoulder.  It’s coming off on the 15th, but I’m still really freaked out.

I very likely have skin cancer.  Granted, I haven’t had the biopsy yet, but still.  I’m scared to the point I have lotion on with a good SPF, and BB cream on my face with an even stronger SPF.  I’m going to make this habit.  I need to.

My treatment will probably besides the removal will include cream to apply to the site, maybe pills, and probably a stern lecture from my doctor about skin care.  I’m very fair skin, and have had a few bad sunburns.  That’s never a good thing for anyone.

So, this scare for myself has prompted me to take a batch of chemo caps out to the cancer center.  I want to turn this into something positive.

It’s been a while since I’ve knit for this cause, and even have wrote off-blog about it on HubPages.

That’s where I’m at right now.  As a personal request, I ask you to head on over to the Skin Cancer Foundations’ website and see what you can do to prevent skin cancer.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back into Chemo Caps

  1. Wishing you all the best on the 15th! I am very fair, too. I have a couple of sunscreens I like for my face, and I wear them daily, even in the New England winter! Try Anthelios 🙂


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