Second Raglan WIP

I am just having fun with raglan sweaters lately.  I started a second one that I’m knitting on my breaks at work, and it’s going to be short-sleeved.

First, I must apologize for not posting at all last week.  I got sick, and have been dealing with a pretty scary health issue on top of that.  I promise I will get back into the swing things a little better here.

So, this is the short-sleeved one, and the long sleeved one is coming along just fine.  I’m am two-thirds done with the first sleeve.  I always forget how long and tedious knitting a sleeve, any sleeve can be.  Still one almost done, one to go.

This particular raglan is still being knit via the instructions in “Knitting for Dummies.”  I like the formula they present in there.  It seems to be working, but I’ll make that call when I put the sweaters on for the first time.

So, that’s what’s on my needles here at work.

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