3 Green Things

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.  Having red hair and loving the color green, it’s a color scheme that fits me.  I LOVE GREEN.

I want to share three projects from the past, not including the cable practice swatch above, that feature the color green.  Erin Go Bragh!

Emerald Isle Headband



Kollobora used to do these themed Friday project ideas, and one of them had to do with green, so I whipped up this headband.  I still have it.  I may wear it tomorrow.  In fact, I think I shall!

Kollabora is neat website for high-end crafting.  I recommend popping over there and taking a gander.

My Container Garden From Last Year


This was last year’s container garden at its peak, with all of its leafy herby and veggie goodness.   I actually kept up with it pretty well!  Since the original posts about this venture were written during The Two-is Year Gap, I don’t have them to link.  Drat.  At least you can see what I produced from last year’s crop!


Wire-knit Beaded Bracelet


Every now and then I dabble in beading, usually knitting or crocheting the wire.  I used to bead A LOT before I started knitting, so I had a lot of the supplies around ready to go when I started experimenting with wire knitting or crochet.  Jump in the wayback machine and read about this project, it’s one of the first things I wrote about when I started craft blogging.

Non-Green Bonus Saint Patrick’s Day Thing:  Patrick!

Patrick Sitting Like a Good Boy


Patrick was my dog, and his birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Well, you can figure out how we named him. Here is Patrick on his tenth birthday, on a walk with a toy in his mouth when he as just about a his happiest. He was a great dog and I and my family miss him very much.

Now, go get your green on, or I’ll pinch ya!

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