Sock Slog

I’m still slogging though the second sock of a pair that I started back in September.  Ugh.  I have a horrible case of “second sock syndrome.”

I had put this project down for a while, and I had been thinking about it.  And it would come to mind again.  So, I started working on it again.

I think the reason why I stopped knitting this sock was that I’m getting fed up with slippy teeny tiny needles.  The are metal, and I am not a fan of metal DPN’s, but it’s what I could find in the size.  That’s ok, I’ll deal.  I already knit one sock with them!  The nice thing is, the more I knit the gusset, the fewer stitches there will be on to of the three needles, and therefore less likely to find their way of slipping of the needle.

I believe that if I take this sock slog a few rows at a time, I’ll be ok.  I don’t want to get overwhelmed and frustrated.  That is never fun, and knitting is supposed to be fun, right?

I haven’t forgotten about this sock.  I just set it aside.  Now, it’s time to finish it.

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