Stash Flash: WUL Haul

Wahoo!  New yarn! The Wrap Up, Lancaster Project (WUL) received a HUGE yarn donation to be turned into items that are handcrafted for the scarf bombings.  Angelia has already had one donation distribution, and is planning on another THIS WEDNESDAY (May 18, 2016) in the Lancaster, PA A.C. Moore’s parking lot facing Oregon Pike, 5PM-6:30PM.  Keep in mind, this isn’t free yarn to do what you wish with, but rather to make scarves, hats, mittens, cowls, etc. for the project to distribute.

There’s some goooood stuff in the haul I was able to carry……since I forgot to bring a bag!  Don’t forget to bring a bag!

For example, there’s a lot of unlabeled wool yarn, but you can tell it’s wool due to the texture.  Some is labeled.  I also grabbed some good acrylic yarn from the stash because I liked the colors, plus it’s easier to take care of for most people.

I think the big brown ball in the foreground of the photo is some Juniper Moon fingering yarn.  I’m going to make something special for the project to distribute from that.

I most picked a lot of the yarn because I liked the color, to be honest, or it was wool, or looked cool.

So, if you want to help out WUL and need yarn to do so, go over to the WUL Facebook page for more information.  Happy knitting!

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