thredUP Bags Processed:What I Got

When I went on my closet cleaning binge back in the end of May, I ordered three bags from thredUP to see if they would be able to sell anything.  As of a few days ago (due to volume, it takes thredUP while to process stuff that comes in.), all my bags have been processed, and here’s what I got.  You can read my original assessment of thredUP here in a previous post.

The first bag did really well, and they accepted about half of what I sent, which is better than their usually 40 percent acceptance rate.  I got a payout of $9.65.  Not bad!

thredUP payout screenshot

The next bag didn’t do as well, but was still within thredUP’s acceptance rate.  I sent about four or five pairs of shoes, and only two pairs were accepted.  That payout was $3.85.

My third bag was way under the rate, but all of the items that I would be sure would be accepted were.  I was a tad disappointed at this particular payout of $3.60; I would have thought it would’ve been higher, but it does fall within thredUP’s guidelines and payout structure.

Is ordering that green and white polka dot bag worth it?  I guess so.  It got a lot of stuff off my hands, and I made a little scratch that I can pay out of in a few days, or use as credit on thredUP‘s shop, which is probably what I’ll end up doing.  A total credit of $17.10 will get a few things on the site, and you have to wait two weeks from final bag processing to cash out anyway.

If you’re interested in giving thredUP a shot, either buying, selling, or consigning, click here for my affiliate link.


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