“Can’t Stop the Serenity” Wrap-Up

Lancaster’s first “Can’t Stop the Serenity” (CSTS) charity event was FANTASTIC!  It went very well, we had a great turn out, and everyone had a great time.  Next year’s event is already being planned!  Here’s a wrap-up of how it went.

First off, here’s a flashback, in the way of an older blog post, as to what CSTS is and what it’s for.

Crowd for the showing of "Serenity."

To start of the night, there was a showing of Serenity, Joss Whedon’s move featuring the Firefly cast.  We had over a hundred people come to the showing!  There were raffles to raise extra money, too, for CSTS’ charity of choice, Equality Now, as well as two local charities:  Dutchland Derby Rollers and Girls on the Run.  I was running the merch table, where I was selling patches, stickers, and Ma Cobb hats that I knit myself.

After the movie, we pulled names for the raffles.  I won a Firefly comic book, and a copy of the core rules for the Firefly tabletop role playing game!  Perfect for me!  Sam and I also had Captain’s tickets for the showing, which got us a neat swag bag full of stuff.  Below are my winning and the Firefly-related things in the bag, as well as the Blue Sun patch I bought for myself.

Firefly and Serenity Swag

After the movie and raffles, a bunch of people headed over to Fiorentino’s, a restaurant near Penn Cinema, where the movie showing was held.  Sean Faust serenaded us with tunes from Firefly itself, as well as originals he wrote.

Sean Faust

Otherwise, here are few other photos that I took at Fiorentino’s.

Amber and Maxx, our organizers!

This is Amber and Maxx, our organizers, who put a lot of time and effort into this event!

Happy Group of Browncoats

This happy group of Browncoats, had a great time.  The Kaylee cosplayer, Onnolee, also helped plan the event.

Speaking of cosplay…..

I did my FIRST cosplay at this event, as Jayne Cobb, the muscle behind the crew of the ship Serenity.  I knit a bunch of the hats in the style his mother, Ma Cobb, knit for him in one of the episodes of Firefly.  Here it is!

My Jayne Cobb Cosplay

It’s not exact, but it’s my take on his gear.  I don’t think it’s bad for my first time!

Here’s a close up my glammy face (definitely NOT Jayne) wearing the hat I knit for myself.

Close up of me in my Jayne Cobb gear, especially of the hat.

Speaking of Jayne Cobb….

To finish off the night, Sean invited everyone, or at least those who wanted to, to sing a rousing version of the “Hero of Canton.”  I got it on video.

It was a late night, but a fun night!  Fantastic work, Amber and Maxx!  Thank you to all who came out and supported us!




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