Pokémon GO and Knitting

Yup.  I’m playing Pokémon GO.

I caught some special Pokémon this morning, and decided to see if Ravelry had any special knitting patterns pertaining to the pocket monster I caught.  I was in luck!

I had a very productive Pokémon GO session.  Sam, my DH, was driving, and I managed to catch a Pikachu, Poliwag, and a Jigglypuff on our commute to work.  Yay!

Magmar up there was hatched from an egg that took a lot of walking to hatch.  I haven’t found a pattern for anything for him, yet.

Let’s see….


Pikachu is probably the most recognizable Pokémon, as he was in all the cartoons and movies.

A screenshot of my Pikachu

This lovely pattern, created by Mary Lucas, is available on Ravelry, and is adorable!  He’s a chocolate orange cozy!


Jigglypuff is another Pokémon that is seen in the cartoons and movies.  And, here’s a great pattern by Emma Whittle that helps you create your own Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff screenshot. MINE!


Poliwag is adorable, and you can knit your own with another great pattern from Emma Whittle on Ravelry.

Screenshot of my Poliwag

Other great Pokémon patterns?  Check out my search on Ravelry, and you will see many wonderful things to knit.

Are you playing Pokémon GO?  Let me know!  What’s your level and favorite Pokémon?

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