So, we bought a house.

Yup!  We did!

My husband Sam and I bought our first house on Friday.  It was a quite a long process to get there, but we did it!

Settlement wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  It was a lot of signing, a lot of explanations by the settlement agent as to what we were signing, and signing papers with lots of numbers.  And then we handed over a large check, and got the keys, and we were then homeowners!

Now to unpack everything.  Yikes!

I’ve mostly been working in the kitchen, trying to get dishes put away and such. At first, when I started unpacking, I was extremely overwhelmed to the point of tears.  But, I started off small.  And then the process got rolling, and will work on things more tonight.

Oh, and Sunday was our 11th wedding anniversary.  One can say we bought ourselves a very large present.

So, yeah, we bought a house.

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