Feathery Fascinators

I was recently in a dance recital, and my partner and I for one of the numbers I were in needed something for our hair.  We decided to wear black and red, and our choreographer suggested pretty fascintors.  I thought, hey, I can make those!  So I did.  Feathery fascinators are fun to make, and with some black and red feathers, which a local art store luckily had, barrettes (which I had), and some other supplies, like sequins and glitter paint, we had feathery fascinators!

Feathery Fascinator #2

The hairpieces looked great with our outfits, and our hoop dance number went beautifully.

I have been making more fascinators and using glitter glue to make pretty barrettes, too.  I will have to post pictures of those pieces when soon.  I may sell them at upcoming craft shows.

That’s what I’ve been doing crafty-wise, besides knitting.  It’s been fun to do something a little different.  Perhaps a tutorial is order for feathery fascinators, too.  Hmmmm……

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