Off Topic: Got a Root Canal

Yep, an off topic post.  I got a root canal on Monday.  It wasn’t too bad, but I really don’t want to get another one.

I had been feeling pain in my jaw since about last Thursday.  I kept telling myself that it was just sinus pain, even when it didn’t feel like sinus pain.  You know, that dull achy feeling you get when you have a sinus infection and can feel it in your teeth.  Well, the pain wasn’t that, and it got so bad by Sunday night, I decided to call the dentist the next day.

So, yesterday I went to the dentist, who looked at the tooth which was causing the pain, and she got me an immediate appointment with with an endodontist.

I went to the endodontist and he did some some unpleasant things to my tooth to test sensitivity and such.  Ouch.  Then more ouch came.

To make a long story short, he performed a root canal and I feel better, actually.  I do have some residual pain from the procedure and from holding my open so long (it took about a half hour), but I’m taking a lot of ibuprofen per the endodontist.

Summing things up, root canals aren’t the horrible thing they used to be.  Dentistry has come a long way, and dentists who perform procedures are a lot more aware of how to manage pain during a procedure and after.  Technology changes, too.  So, if your mom had a root canal twenty years ago and said that it was horrible, remember, things change.  Your experience, though it still may suck, also may be a lot better.


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