Random Acts of Knitting

Yeah, know posts have been sparse lately, and they probably will continue to be so for the week or so, too.  I was in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA last week for an annual gathering of friends from around the country.  We had a great time!  As usual, I spent my downtime knitting and committing random acts of knitting.

What are random acts of knitting?  Here’s what it is to me.  For example, I love to knit washcloths.  I would finish one at work, and then pick the coworker nearest to me to give it to.  Usually, I just toss it at them, and they are usually quite happy to receive a handmade item.  I don’t need it.  I have plenty of hand knit stuff, including washcloths, so, I give some stuff away.

On this trip, we were all gathered up in our hotel suite, and I finished a scarf.  I asked if someone wanted it, and Abby, who has a 14-year-old daughter, asked if she could have it for her.  Of course!  I hope the young lady likes it.

Next, I can finished a beanie.  Again, I asked who wanted it.  Annie spoke up first, and she got it.  It looked cute on here!  She was quite happy, too.

So, that’s what random acts of knitting are.  It’s finishing a piece and giving it away immediately.  Have you ever committed random acts of knitting?  Tell me about what you did in the comments!

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