Gnome, Come Home!

On Thursday, my garden gnome that usually sits on my porch, was snatched.  Nothing else was damaged or vandalized.  I believe whoever took my gnome knew exactly what they were doing. Above is the most recent pictures of said garden gnome. If you see him or know anything about his current whereabouts, please leave a […]

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A Semi-Homemade Halloween

I freaking love Halloween.  Since my husband and I have moved into our new home, I wanted to decorate for the first holiday that it was really possible for:  Halloween.  What the end result was a bunch of semi-homemade Halloween decorations that I plan on building on for the following years. To start with, I […]

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Two Good Dogs

My sister has two good dogs, wait, GREAT dogs!  Not only are their dispositions shining examples of what their breeds should be (Maggie is a Labrador retriever and Cash is a German shepherd), they are good around knitting. Remember Alfred and his fascination with my yarn? Naughty dog.  Sadly, Alfie is no longer with us […]

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